A public campaign that tackles racial stereotypes and brings together isolated experiences by asking people to #lookcloser -


Creative Direction | Public Campaign | Branding

Medium: Adobe After Effects, Illustrator, Sketchup

As a design intern at APCO Worldwide during Summer 2016, I develop a CSR program on the topic “Race in America” with a team of four. At a time when discussion and communication are much needed to bridge gaps between communities, Americans shy away from discussing race head-on. Based on the mission to encourage cross-group discussions, we came up with three creative output around the theme #lookcloser: a pop-up discussion booth, a social media campaign and a series of posters. The project was selected by APCO NYC for internal use.

Discussion Booth

At the discussion booth, the front wall will be covered by pieces of coloured stickers (with the back side on) that have questions on them. The colours represent different skin tones and therefore different experiences, and the questions are closely related with an individual’s racial identity. Participants can pull out these stickers, and the message on the wall “#LookCloser” will be revealed.

Social Media

Social media has proven to be effective for campaigns and movements such as Occupy Wall Street, #StarringConstanceWu and the most recent #TrumpYourself by Hillary Clinton. We will introduce a customised filter for users to share their favourite messages or their own quotes. Initially, the filter will only be available at the booth to increase traffic at the booth, but will be later opened up as a web application.

Print Media

The print posters will reflect the process through which the stickers are gradually pulled away from the wall at our booth. When audiences see different versions of the poster around the city, they will piece together our message and will be attracted to our booth.