Changing our perception of fear starting from, literally, how it is viewed

Reframing Fear

Print | Experimental

Medium: Skilkscreening on paper

Why is fear worth exploring? Because underneath it is a tremendous opportunity to love, to challenge ourselves and to discover new passions. This is a project in collaboration with Khuyen Bui. His idea “Reframing Fear” inspired me to create this poster that can be viewed from two different perspectives, which shows two different messages. When the poster is folded down, viewers can reading through the sentences on the back as shown in the video.

Fear of being hurt.
Love, anyway.

Fear of not belonging.
Fear of being rejected.
Fear of missing out.
Fear of silence.
Fear of ________.

Love to be a part of something.
Love to try.
Love to do more to be best of our capacity.
Love to connect with others through words.
Love to ________.

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